Your Space

Toward the end of July most retailers go into full-on back-to-school mode, which includes a stock-pile of dorm must-haves. Or so the retailers would have you think. What items do college students really… Continue reading


Have you ever noticed how some businesses have mastered the art of drawing you in and convincing you to stay? Maybe it’s their products. Maybe it’s the comfortable atmosphere. Maybe it’s both. I’m… Continue reading


Well, as with almost any makeover project I see on TV, we’ve run into some setbacks with our amazing room makeovers. Boo. Ours are quite minor compared to some of the issues I’ve… Continue reading

Busy Bee

Well, it’s been a long week of painting! Lots of fumes and touch-ups, and painting the cabinets was a much greater task than I¬†anticipated.¬†My daughter decided at the very last minute (as in… Continue reading

Let’s Go To The Beach

Another hot trend in home decor right now is coastal beach inspired decor, with nautical making a strong comeback. We’re a nation of people dreaming about vacations near the water. With a few… Continue reading

French Country Style

Another project I’ve been working on at home is the bathroom shared by my girls. They have sadly outgrown the rubber ducky decor that I found to be so adorable. We sat down… Continue reading


Tonight I’m all alone, and that’s not a bad thing. Most mothers will tell you that “me time” is a rare gem. It is. It’s our time to remember who we are and… Continue reading

Hello world!

Hello, welcome to my blog! Did you ever get the feeling that you chose the wrong path in life? Chose a career that wasn’t your passion, went the safe route instead of taking… Continue reading