So repairs have been negotiated, amendments have been signed, and now we wait. We wait, and we pack! Packing has to be a mild form of torture. Literally pulling out everything you own,… Continue reading

Option Periods and Inspections

As hoped, we had more offers come in shortly. We negotiated and accepted one and then the next day put in an offer on a house we saw and fell in love with.… Continue reading

Realities of Real Estate

I won’t lie- selling a house is tough! Even in a hot market, there are disappointments. Our buyers flaked. No real reason (at least that we were given) just that they’re holding out… Continue reading

Whirlwind Week!

We are officially on the market! As mentioned previously, we tend to need motivation to finish projects, so we scheduled our consultation with a Realtor. It went well, we love her, and she… Continue reading

Crunch Time

Things are moving along quite nicely. We’ve gone back and forth between building a new house to buying an existing one and possibly upgrading some things. We are pre-approved, which is a crucial… Continue reading

Happy New Year!

The holidays are officially over. It’s always tougher to pack away the cheerful holiday decorations than it is to pull them out. It was a little easier for us as we kept our… Continue reading


Maybe it’s because I just spent the last few hours catching up on Glee, watching young people pursue their dreams aggressively, but lately I feel very un-inspired and needing a change. Creativity is… Continue reading


Yesterday I was doing a little research on color trends. It’s not pure coincidence that the colors you see everywhere in magazines, products, and fashion all seem to coordinate perfectly. There is an… Continue reading

Cleaning Craze

So it’s official, I suck at keeping up my blog. 😦 Progress has been moving along, and there is actually quite a bit to share. The roof has finally been fixed! Hallelujah! We’ve… Continue reading

An Open Letter to Ann Coulter

Since this is a design blog, I will keep un-related posts as rare as possible. However, once in a while you stumble upon something that is so great, you can’t resist sharing it… Continue reading