Updates and a leap of faith!

So, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Clearly, I suck at blogging regularly!

But this time, I have good reason. I’ve mentioned before that I was very unhappy with a corporate style desk job. A soul-crushing, mind-numbing 9-5 in a corner, 40 hours per week.

I love design and houses, and had thought about making a change for some time. So, I did! This blog, and the moving experience with all the hurdles we ran into reminded me that I did have a career I once really enjoyed, so I took some classes and renewed my real estate license. I started back in the biz part time, and on lucky St. Patrick’s Day, I left that awful job and haven’t looked back! I definitely feel like this was a good choice. Walking out of that office, I felt like I was leaving behind 50 lbs. and a mountain of stress. My husband noticed an immediate change in my mood despite the fear of the unknowns to come. For those who don’t know, real estate agents do not get salaries or hourly pay checks. It is a 100% commissioned job. You can work with a client for 6 months, but if a deal doesn’t close- you get a big fat nothing for those efforts. Zip. But, on the flip side, one average priced sale per month would pay the bills. So it is a risk, and very difficult to budget, but I’m confident, and feel like I will do well with the training I’ve received.

I’m still working on our “McDonald’s house” and will continue to blog about the progress and projects. It’s really taking shape and looking nice! Hopefully strong sales will help supplement the house beautification budget. 😉