Painting Pro

If I wanted to become a professional painter, I would definitely have some experience and work to show potential employers!

We are literally painting every single room in the new house. Even the closets could use some touching-up! No, the walls weren’t beaten up, and we didn’t buy a distressed home. We just don’t have the same tastes as the previous owners. Tomato red and butter yellow are nice colors and can create a cozy home. But they’re just not for us. Our tastes right now include more neutral and contemporary colors. Some homebuyers are afraid of buying a home with paint colors they don’t like. The colors used in this house could have been the reason that it didn’t get snapped up as quickly as others we looked at. Not ideal if you’re the sellers, but great for us! In a hot market, we still got the house we wanted, for a fair price.

If you’re buying, paint is a lot of work, this is true. But it’s nothing compared to remodeling (which will mean paint anyway)! So, don’t be afraid of “bad” colors! Finding a home that is turn-key down to the colors you like, is a much harder task than finding the space and layout you want, and then customizing it. Perfection is perception.

On the flip side, if you’re a home seller, paint your home in light, neutral colors before selling if you want to avoid scaring those color-phobic buyers. Lighter colors make your home appear larger and brighter, which are both very, very good things for a house on the market!

Just look at how the right color takes this section of the house from quaint country to elegant! Which do you think home buyers would pay more for?



So, these next few posts will be dedicated to paint!