Ode to Pinterest

Waiting is hard. And it sucks.

As we wait to finally move in and get settled, we’ve all found our own ways of killing time. Disney channel appeases the little one for hours on end, and the pre-teen has her phone. Hubby has CSI and zombies, and I have Pinterest. Ahhh Pinterest! How did the crafty, décor-loving, home cooks ever get on without it?

I’ve mentioned and even posted links to Pinterest before, but if you’ve ever actually checked out my boards, you’ll see that I’m on the verge of addiction. Well, ok, maybe not that bad. And my OCD organization tendencies really show. Is it any surprise that I have 3 boards dedicated to organization?

However, even though it’s easy to waste a significant amount of time discovering things like how much better pudding mix makes your cookies, and 101 new uses for those plastic bread closing tabs, you can still use it for legitimate purposes. I’ve taken to Pinterest to get ideas for each room in the new house, and created boards for each to pin ideas to. I’ve pinned several paint colors and palettes, along with many very useful painting tips and shortcuts. I love looking at all the pictures for inspiration, but more importantly, I can show pictures to describe my vision to my not-so-visual husband. It’s so funny when I showed him a paint chip, described the color I wanted to paint the cabinets, and what kind of rug I was dreaming of, he cringed. When he saw a picture that used these 3 together (or at least similar options), he was mesmerized and wanted to copy the exact décor of the kitchen. I loved finding one that captured the look I’d been picturing! Great minds think alike.

I think Pinterest is a great tool for artists, designers, etc. as well as the average homemaker, and anyone in between. There really is something for everyone! I keep telling the mister about all the motorcycle and Walking Dead pins I see. If you haven’t discovered Pinterest yet, you’re selling yourself short. Or preventing a serious addiction. I’ll let you be the judge.

Feel free to have a look and steal away! http://pinterest.com/maggison/