Paint Chips and Cabin Fever

We’re so close, we can almost taste it! We have been living with family temporarily- in a generous sized one bedroom, one bathroom apartment! Generous for a one bedroom, but pretty small for an entire family. Still, it has been going well. The kids are behaving much better than I expected, we’ve worked out a bathroom schedule, and we’re spending weekends outside. On weeknights, cabin fever is a bit of an issue, but nothing cable can’t handle.

We have gone to a few social events in our future neighborhood to get the kids more excited and make friends. People seem very friendly! We’ve met several people with home-based businesses, too. One with a hair salon, one that owns a pest control company, and a gardener. Very good people to have living a street or 2 over. We can’t wait to be in our home.

We bought a refrigerator that we have been wanting, since the sellers plan to take the one in the home. Even though it was another expense, I was happy with it. My husband came around to the idea and got excited in the store. Refrigerators don’t often convey with the home, neither do washers and dryers, so prepare to spend. There are some discount places around, and then your local home stores have good sales. We shopped around and found the best deal, which saved about $500, plus, we’ll get a $250 rebate. I love the sound of that! The retailer is happy to delay delivery until we move in, too. Most big retailers will do this since they deliver from a warehouse, not the store. If you’re buying one on clearance or at an outlet, you might have to take it or have it delivered right away. We chose a French door model with a bottom freezer. The refrigerator portion on the top is easily accessible and wide enough for those party platters and cakes that never fit in a side-by-side model. This has been an issue for us from time to time. It’s also about 5 cu. ft. bigger. Perfect for the bulk-shopping mom!

Something else we have done during our stay was begin to plan flooring and paint! The colors in the home now don’t exactly fit our tastes, plus the boy scheme in one bedroom doesn’t fit well for our girls. This means we will paint every room. Every. Single. Room!

I may have mentioned in an earlier post that we did get a small paint allowance from the sellers. This is money that will be paid at closing for the purpose of buying paint and paint supplies. Allowances are also common for flooring, carpet, or just general decorating. You just have to ask in your offer. The worst thing they can do is say no!

This begins the fun part (for me anyway)! I LOVE planning and decorating houses! Here is a sneak peak: