Look Again

When there’s so much going on, it can be easy to overlook details and do things like touch up trim all over your house with flat paint instead of glossy… good thing re-touching up isn’t a huge deal. Locking yourself out while walking the dog? Maybe a slightly bigger deal. Over-worked and sleep deprived. But the house is really starting to look good!

We’ve also been checking out the open houses and sizing up the competition. I have to say, we’re looking even better! No more peeling paint on the trim outside, no more vaccum scuffs on the baseboards, and far less stuff (unless you count the boxes in the garage). We’ve packed up so many boxes and have what feels like a million more to go. Browsing the competition helps us determine where we stand and let’s us begin to get an idea of where to price our house. Visiting open houses in the new neighborhood gives motivation when we’re tired and don’t feel like working. It also helps us get a feel for the market there. We’re nearing the final stretch!

We’ve been doing some research on when is the best time to sell and trying to figure out when the best time for us will be. Some experts on real estate blogs say winter is actually a great time. You’ll have less competiion paired with more serious buyers. Fewer “looky-lous” as one put it. It makes sense, a lot of people want to move while the kids are out of school, so those who are moving this time of year are probably the ones who need to move, not just feel like it. Ok, well maybe some, since we’re in the latter category. Kind of. Also, being Texans, moving in the fall or winter means we won’t be hauling furniture in triple degree heat! Some of you up north may be gasping. Snow is rare for us, but with our luck, it probably will fall the day we’re supposed to load the truck.

Enough about that. Here are some photos of the progress!

Before picture of an awkward corner. We had a mini fridge full of kid’s drinks and bottled water, and a dog kennel. Not the prettiest or most appealing for buyers.


Here is the after! We have turned the odd corner into a fancy looking wine bar! (Mini fridge has been moved to the garage.) We’ve also replaced the window blinds, since someone once opened the window without pulling them up, ripping off a few of the slats. This was a super easy project that cost about $30 total, since we used furniture we already had. The only cost was the blinds. I did some paint touch-ups, too, so that’s why you see darker spots. They’re still wet. Which corner would you want to see in a house you’re buying??


An inspiration photo from a builder’s model we looked at. Ahhh… pretty! Taking photos of things you like and things you don’t will greaty help your home search, too. Be sure to photograph the front or the address before each set of interior photos, or you’ll forget which house it was. After a while, they can all blur together.


The corner below was an empty corner in our over-sized master bedroom. We also added the curtains and wall art (a Christmas gift from my sweet sister). Instead of empty space, we’ve made sense of the rest of the room, and now have an inviting reading corner. Again, we used existing furniture, so only spent about $40 for curtains and accessories.


Whether you’re selling or not, you can do simple projects without spending anything to make your home more usable. If you are selling, it’s even more important, since you want people to pay top dollar for that space! Empty space isn’t worth as much as usable space. So before you list a home, look at it again with your buyer’s goggles. What spaces would you question and how can you answer those questions before they’re asked?