Awkward Areas

A lot of work has been done here lately, and much more is coming! If anyone knows a trick for cleaning blinds, you will have my gratitude forever. Ugh, that chore is horrible!

Anyhow, besides cleaning, another thing we’re beginning to do is stage our home to be on the market. Staging is using carefully planned and edited decor to make the good features of your home stand out, disguise the less than appealing features, and make sense of the awkward spots. One of the things we don’t like about our house is the amount of odd spaces that don’t make much sense. The running joke is that our house must have been designed by the D architecture student.

One large odd area is the “formal dining room” that is nowhere near the kitchen. You would literally have to carry a meal through the breakfast nook and living room and around a corner. For me, that’s too many steps to potentially drop/stain/spill. We chose to turn this area into a home office when our little one came along, since the office became her bedroom. It works well for us, and will show buyers the versatility of the floorplan, rather than the oddness of the intended layout. Between our dining room/office we’ve put an occassional table to separate this area from the living room. In a pinch, it can double as a buffet table or an extra desk.

Another spot we’re working on is our master bedroom. This room is a long rectangular 19′ by 14′. It sounded great on paper, but when we got furniture in the room, we realized half of it was pretty much wasted space. Due to the placement of the doors, there are only 2 options for the bed- the far wall or in front of the windows. Now, being Texas, which is known for some serious hailstorms, we decided that under windows could be quite dangerous! Wall it is. That leaves us with half of the room empty. We have our dresser there, and that’s it. I think we’re going to put a small table in the corner and move some chairs from the office to sit on either side. Awkward corner will become a nice reading nook!

The final spot is an empty wall in the kitchen, that is currently home to the dog kennel and a mini fridge. In the past, I had a wine rack in the corner there with a couple of barstool height chairs. We used to imagine adding a countertop or built-in desk here, but a low window makes that a bit tough to do.  The wine rack defined the area as somewhat of a bar.

Whether you’re selling your home, or planning to stay long term, staging can help you use your space in a more practical way. Take a tour and be critical- what areas aren’t functiong? What activities do you enjoy that could use a little extra space? I saw a great Pinterest pin (from BHG) where some homeowners turned a landing area into a home office. Another used the same unused space as a reading spot. You don’t always need to move or remodel to find more room to live!