I apologize for not blogging in over a week! We’ve been busy with family in town, our projects, and some big decisions. I’m excited to share that we have decided that moving time is near!

I’ve hinted at the plans to sell our house in previous posts. We’ve lived in our humble “5 year plan” house or about 7 1/2 years now. Pretty typical, average statistical length of time, yes. We knew this wasn’t our forever home. While we’ve enjoyed it and made it our own style, there is one essential thing that can’t be changed, and that is the location. In real estate, you’ll hear that the most important feature of a home is “location, location, location.” It’s true.

There is a sweet master-planned community near us. They have a neighborhood pool, water park, gym, and on-site schools. They have organized events for residents and clubs for every age. This is a true community in every sense of the word, not just another neighborhood. They also have beautiful southern style homes with big porches and colorful siding. These homes are a sight for sore eyes in the sea of brick and cream stone that is Texas. Sure, it’s a bit far, but it’s advertised as “resort-style living” for a good reason. We looked here initially and have toyed with the idea of moving here in the past. We’ve decided that the time has come.

I’m sure our friends will find the new location to be just as inconvenient to get to, but when they do make the drive, they’ll see why we can’t get this community off our minds. It cuts my daily commute in half, and lengthens it for my husband for now, but he’ll have an easy, scenic commute. We’re far from big cities, but have easy access to several different highways. This won’t be our “forever” home either, but we both agreed we’ll regret not living here. The family-centric lifestyle of this community is exactly what we always wanted for our kids.

So, stay tuned for lots of staging, packing, and moving chaos info! I’ll be sure to share the things I’ll learn along this path. I’ve sold homes for others and have a good grasp on appealing to buyers, but I’ve never done the staging and prep for my OWN home. It’s sure to be an adventure! We’re shooting for 3-4 months before we’ll list and plan to move by early 2013.